Our wide-ranging experience of FM service delivery requirements in both public and private sector environments and the knowledge that our consultants possess enables us to review existing business processes from an entirely independent perspective and to identify potential improvements.

Our experience gives us the capability to rapidly understand the key drivers or our client organisations and therefore the priorities in respect of the business processes that are required to robustly manage those priorities.

In the majority of cases, our approach to business process review and enhancement will include one-to-one interviews, review of existing documented processes (where they exist), group workshop sessions facilitated by Thomson FM and an iterative process of process refinement and review, in consultation with the key stakeholders.

Our process review and enhancement commissions have included:

Northern Rail
Northern Rail commissioned Thomson FM to develop detailed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in respect of a number of key activities (approx.. 20) within the remit of the Estates Management Department. Our involvement included the chairing of a number of workshop and presentation sessions to various audiences, the compilation of detailed step-by-step operational procedures and associated pro-forma's for each estate management function and the roll-out of the procedures including the uploading of the documentation to the Northern Rail intranet to ensure all internal Northern Rail personnel had access to the relevant SOPs and pro-forma's.
Amey Built Environment
Review of the existing procedures associated with an operational FM service delivery contract and comparison against contractual obligations. Definition and implementation of revised operational procedures to meet contractual requirements and to facilitate the establishment of automated workflow within the CAFM solution to support the more efficient and robust delivery of FM services.