Our consultants have an extremely strong background in the delivery of helpdesk services to client organisations and as a result of this experience, have developed an excellent knowledge and understanding of CAFM solutions and the benefits to be achieved through the robust procurement, population, customisation and implementation of such systems.

Our expertise in respect of the way in which CAFM systems should be setup to meet the specific needs of clients and particular contracts enables Thomson FM to become the ‘conduit’ between CAFM system provider and client organisation – ensuring that the communication of client and contractual requirements is translated to meet the more technical needs of the CAFM system provider.

The unique combination of expertise held within Thomson FM enables us to provide value-adding support to our clients in respect of their CAFM system procurement, implementation and management needs, including, where appropriate, the development of payment mechanisms either within or linked to the CAFM solution.

Our significant experience of CAFM consultancy support includes:

Eric Wright FM
development of an output specification for a new CAFM solution, through consultation with the senior management team within the Eric Wright FM division and their helpdesk manager. Management of procurement process and assessment of tender returns including system presentations. Lead on final negotiation with preferred supplier
Iron Mountain
input to the development of an output specification for a new CAFM system to cover Iron Mountain’s European portfolio. Evaluation of tender returns and provision of recommendations for the preferred solution. Lead for mobilisation and setup process on behalf of Iron Mountain, responsible for defining workflow, data standards and interface with Iron Mountain’s financial system
Amey Built Environment
detailed input into the enhancement of an existing CAFM solution in order to align the system functionality and workflow with revised and improved business procedures and contractual requirements for SLA management and notification and reporting obligations